A Shithole Country Can be in Your Own Backyard

Three days before the 2018 Women’s March and five days after Donald Trump’s shithole comments, the Remote Control Terrorist and I took our first vacation in 15 years.  We headed to Ruidoso, New Mexico from the Texas Hill Country, a drive of over 500 miles.

I will be writing about our little adventure, but first I’d like to address Trump’s repugnant comments about people from Africa, Haiti and El Salvador.

Truthfully, there are shithole places everywhere you look.  That’s not the fault of most of the residents; it’s the fault of the people who run the governments of those places.  I wouldn’t say Trump is running this country unless one wants to consider that he’s running it into the ground, but he is the President so let’s hold him responsible for about 20 miles of highway near Pecos, Texas.

Abandoned cars, tires from blow outs and trash as far as the eye could see.   A post-apocalyptic landscape that I hope I never have to experience for more than the half hour it takes to drive through it.


What shithole country is this? The United States.

During that time I imagined if I lived there I’d have to take some strong anti-depressants to get through a single day.  That thought led me to do a bit of research.  The population of Pecos is 9,666 and I counted 10 rehab facilities and 30 halfway houses in the area before I stopped counting.  So there’s that.

Pecos may very well be a wonderful place to live, but the outskirts were disgraceful.

The United States is an amazing country, full of beauty and hard-working, productive citizens, many of them from Trump’s shithole list.


My hometown.



Here’s my message to the guy in the White House.

Retire your fucking putter and do something!  Take back those tax breaks for the 1% and fund the following: Veterans, programs to help with the opioid epidemic, public education, Planned Parenthood, programs to save the environment, our National Parks, Puerto Rico and every other thing you consider unimportant because it doesn’t personally benefit you.  Tell the NRA leadership to piss off and get some sensible gun control passed into law.

Be the leader you signed up to be or get the fuck out of MY house!


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