Veterans Day

My Uncle Jimmy was a soft spoken man. I once heard him call a woman who cut him off in traffic in Los Angeles a heifer and it shocked me. That was the closest I’d ever heard him come to cursing. This is the same man who was a crew member on a B-17 bomber … Continue reading Veterans Day


A Suburban Halloween

“I mean it, Jake. You keep a close eye on your little brother or you’ll be grounded until next Halloween." The miniature Wal-Mart Spiderman sitting on the bottom step of the staircase giggled, then clasped both small hands over his mouth as Jake snapped his head around to glare at him, then turned his attention … Continue reading A Suburban Halloween

Family Lore

The lean man covered in blood smiled at the busty blonde zombie.  “What scares you?” The light cast by the campfire appeared to devour Jo Jo's ravaged face.  She giggled.  “Getting drunk and forgetting I’m wearing granny panties.  You know…in case I feel the urge to remove my pants.”  She winked at Lore, who sat directly across from her.  He … Continue reading Family Lore


Today is the first day of early voting in Texas for the 2018 mid-term election. I will be 63 on November 14th. I voted for: Affordable and quality health care; More funding for public schools; Slashing student debt; Protecting Social Security and Medicare; Protecting the environment; Creating jobs with wind and solar power farms; Equal … Continue reading VOTE!