My Louise Linton Bucket List


What’s in your wallet? A dollar? I doubt it.

Oh, please let me look at a grandmother who was a single parent who also took care of her legally blind grandmother the way Louise Linton is looking at me.

Let me perfect that – fuck you and your insignificance because you have to work two jobs to pay your bills, while giving up food – look.


Quit grinning, Steven. I’m looking at your big old money, not your goofy face.

And please let me personally club a few baby seals so I can rock an outfit made out of animal skins like Louise does.  I’ll bash those fuckers’ brains in using a Negan-like baseball bat which I’ll christen Louise.

I’m tired of being a well-mannered, hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizen.  I want to be a condescending narcissist like Louise Linton.



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