The Opening Act – Part 2 of 3

If you have no interest in the ramblings of a 60-year old woman revisiting her youth at a Huey Lewis and the News concert; not a problem.  I’m used to rejection aka boyfriends, husband, high-paying jobs, bank loan officers, publishers and my cat.  But…before you click on the X, do yourself a favor and click on this link.  Jamie Kent   You might even thank me if you love incredible music.  After doing that, you might want to continue reading because I’ll get to more on Jamie Kent later.

Our big Huey Lewis and the News weekend started Saturday night with Debby Jo, Mortified Daughter (mine, not Debby Jo’s) and me drinking and playing Cards Against Humanity.  Great food prepared by Mortified Daughter; carrot dogs and chocolate on crackers.  Thanks, Thug Kitchen!  Chocolate fingerprints will be discovered on some of the cards during future games.

Mortified Daughter proved she can’t read incredibly offensive cards out loud without placing her head on the table and giggling uncontrollably, thereby causing me to snatch each card from her hand.  If it’s that inappropriate I sure as hell want to be in on the joke.  I came in a distant third place in the game, but that’s because Mortified Daughter and Debby Jo don’t get the true intricacies of satirical-laced nonsense.  One hand I was very proud of winning.  Question:  What’s that smell?  Answer: Grandma.

Props to Debby Jo for a 59-year previously unrevealed talent for dry comments.

The next day I didn’t want to take my purse into the concert; I’m not the Queen of England.  I crammed my cash into the pocket of my capris and also shoved in some aspirin as I had open-heart surgery to replace my aortic valve a year ago. Who knows how excited I might become if Huey Lewis hasn’t turned into a doppelgänger of Wilford Brimley in the 30 years since I saw him last. Since Debby Jo drove us to the restaurant to meet Red, I also added my insurance card to my stash.

Once we got to the restaurant we were literally greeted by eight people all dressed in black.  While we both suspected we were about to be victims of an alien abduction, it turned out it was the grand opening of the restaurant.  I suggest at least for opening week, the owner changes the name to Abundance of Servers or Oh, Waiter!

Red got caught in traffic and arrived late enough so that our original server had to turn it over to a lovely young woman who became immediately uncomfortable with the conversation.  It turns out our server was a school teacher named Cherry P. (a stripper name if ever I heard one) who picked up extra money by waiting tables.  Debby Jo is a retired teacher, Red was an aide and I was an aide and a substitute teacher.

You might be wondering why the young server became so uncomfortable.  Most who have ever been seated next to a group of teachers at happy hour could tell you because they immediately yank their kids out of school the next day and home school them.  Oh, grow up, people! A discussion about the time I fell asleep during a blow job is not the same thing as demonstrating it to a kindergarten class.

Once we finished our meal and high-brow conversations, we headed to the venue to stand in line for an hour before the doors opened.

The temperature was 95° and the humidity was 167%.  That might sound not only mathematically, but scientifically impossible, until you consider that by the time 8 pm rolled around, I literally scooped handfuls of sweat out of my cleavage and slung it in Huey’s face.  (Okay, I didn’t really do that because he didn’t show up on stage until around 9:15 pm.)

When finally allowed into the venue, we were lucky enough to score center, second-row seats.  Then we waited in the sun for two hours.  The crowd seemed to be mostly like us…old.  No surprise there.  What did surprise me was a young man who asked me, “Are you a friend of Tina’s?”

My cousin Tina is an extra on the tv show Grimm and she has cancer.  The amazing cast and crew sold t-shirts which say on the front The Grimm Precinct Project and on the back #Cancer Sucks.  Turns out a woman in the crowd knew her and saw the t-shirt so I stood up and we yelled back and forth for a while.  Nobody seemed to mind.

Finally 8 pm arrived and a man came up to introduce Huey Lewis and the News!  No, he didn’t.  He introduced the opening act.  All I could think of at that time was how I looked forward to a shower more than HL&TN, much less Jamie Kent, whoever the hell he was.

After the first song, I decided the shower could wait.  (It had to anyway, since Debby Jo drove.)  After a song called Still a Dream I planned on coughing up money I didn’t have to buy all his music.  Here’s another link for you to click so you can do the same.  Jamie Kent Music.

I’m the furthest thing from cool on the planet (think aging Napoleon Dynamite in drag) but I recognize it when I see it and want to mention Rhees Williams on Bass and Dan Holmes on Cajon/percussion.  Amazing musicians!

The music truly moved me and that’s how I like it.  So, thanks to Jamie, Rhees and Dan for a fantastic set.

To be continued…Cool is a Rule – Part 3.


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