Watch Me Play

I don’t have time to watch videos on YouTube, but Brian Christopher is now part of my morning ritual, which includes coffee and bitterness.


What’s the word I’m looking for here? Oh, yeah. Adorable.

What is it about  Brian Christopher that makes people watch his YouTube channel?

Perhaps it’s his good looks.  The man makes a good first impression.  Maybe it’s because his laugh sounds a bit like a hyena on steroids.  He exudes a goofy charm which is appealing.

He’s that guy I’d want to have a light beer with even though he’d be drinking whiskey.  I’d ask him to stop because I hate the smell of it.  He’d ask me to put out my cigarette because he hates the smell of the smoke.  Then I’d punch him in the face and call him a puss and we’d laugh about it later.

He’s that guy.  He’s that real to the fans of his channel.

At least once a day he invites me into his world.  Even if he’s losing on a slot machine, it’s clear he’s still having fun.  I need that.  We all need that.

Steven Pomerantz, the writer and director of Watch Me Play has created a film equally as fun as one of Brian’s videos.  You can order it here.


Support independent directors like Steven Pomerantz. Their vision helps the rest of us see.

Thanks to Brian for all the hours of entertainment and thanks to Steven for Watch Me Play.  I give it all four of my thumbs WAY UP!



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