Get it, you zesty zombie!

As I discussed in a recent entry, watching slot machine videos has become therapy for me.  I don’t need to watch cat videos (although they are therapeutic) because I have cats.  My cat alarm clock bites me on the elbow every morning at least two hours before my actual alarm goes off so cat therapy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Slot machine therapy can work if you find the right guy and I did.  sdguy1234  to be specific.  He reminds me of a gay friend of mine who calls me an old bag of cellulite.  I’m never offended by creative insults and sdguy spews them like a younger, less hairless, gayer Don Rickles.

There is no way for me to describe this guy, i.e. I’m being lazy and still have to clean my toilet before I go to bed, so check out his Christmas themed links below.

Casino Realness Episode 80

Casino Realness Episode 81

Casino Realness Episode 82

If you got through the videos without being so offended you offed yourself, you’re probably ready for this song parody of My Favorite Things, which sdguy suggested he should do.  I’ve either saved him the trouble by writing it for him, or pissed him off enough for him to tell me to lick his taint like he did to Brittany Spears while playing her slot machine.  (I can’t believe that little twat has a slot machine based on her when Mark Twain doesn’t.)



Beer in the morning

And beer at the Rio

Green bastard bonus turned into a trio

Those Oompa Loompas who stretch, jump and sing

These are a few of my favorite slot things


Cute bouncing lemmings are always so lucky

Muttering to security go fuck a ducky

Hating on Brent with a few choice zings

These are a few of my favorite slot things


Little pink bastard hop over for dinner

Otto fly over and pick me a winner

Glinda when zesty tugs at my heart strings

These are a few of my favorite slot things.


A double’s not nothin’ so I say gurlbye

Michonne with her pets is a big fucking high

Vegas in summer, fall, winter and spring

These are a few of my favorite slot things.


When the lights flash

When the bell rings

When a hand pay hits.  Oh wow!

I simply remember my favorite slot things

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!


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