Waiting for Karl Rove: An Utterly Improbable Road Trip Memoir

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on April 18, 2011

Waiting for Karl Rove is the satire that anyone with any semblance of a sense of humor MUST read. Although both authors profess to be left wing liberals (and truly their opinions reflect that) the writing style – snarky, sassy and satirical – is such that even a right wing conservative like myself found humor on every….single….page. If you have ever had someone get the wrong first impression of you (or second or third), or if you have had your best laid plans lead you down a one way street going the wrong way, this is the wonderful escape you are looking for.

Waiting for Karl Rove is a reminder to each of us that life happens and when it does we need to be able to laugh at ourselves AND laugh harder if it’s happening to someone else.